Though a challenging feat for a recruiting firm, Green Key Resources is structurally created to support a mentally positive environment. From productive technology to flexible work hours, below are four ways in which our organization considers the mental wellbeing of our staff, while also maintaining a communicative and healthy atmosphere in the workplace. 

1. Flexibility and remote work 

At Green Key, flexible schedules are always taken into account. With options to work remotely or on a hybrid schedules, employees don’t have to choose between their career and their personal lives. Green Key is full of amazing parents and working from home allows them the freedom to be more involved in their children’s lives. In addition, summer Fridays, parental leave, and PTO all contribute to the value of work-life balance at Green Key. 

“When I was still commuting to the city, I had to miss so many events,” said Brittany Leader, Principal at Green Key and one of the heads of Healthcare. “Now I’m able to be present for every single school event, even though I’m still a working mom. It’s invaluable to me.” 

Rich Egloff, Executive Director of the Green Key Architecture, Engineering & Construction team, understands the importance of bringing an “office culture” to a digital world, reiterated the need for flexibility, so long as it results in productivity. “As long as they’re performing and practicing discipline, it works for our team,” he said.  

2. Access to productive technology 

Employees at Green Key always have access to cutting-edge, innovative technology. “Recruiters are only as good as their resources,” mentioned Brooke Stemen, Director of Talent Acquisition. Those at Green Key are set up for success from the beginning, provided with tools to hire efficiently and communicate effectively. The investment in customized technology streamlines processes through the recruiting and business cycle, seamlessly guiding candidates and clients through the hiring process from start to finish.

Larry Goodman, Partner at Green Key and one of the four heads of the Pharma team, mentioned, “At Green Key, we give people the opportunity to do what they want. We don’t box anyone in. We give them the key and the tools to gain success. And the more powerful our technology gets, the more efficient everyone can be.”

3. Open-door management style 

Green Key does not micromanage. Management styles focus more on collaboration and trust. “People aren’t numbers here,” Brooke reiterated. “We are production-oriented and less KPI-oriented. This reduces a lot of stress across employees. You won’t ever find yourself working hard simply to hit a KPI to ‘check a box’. This allows our team to operate more intentionally and focus on a true relationship-building recruitment practice.” 

You will also find an abundance of mentorship opportunities at Green Key. Todd Gabianelli, Partner at Green Key and one of the four heads of the Pharma division, reflected on his mentorship experience with Business Development Manager, Jack Staub. “We’ll celebrate your wins, and when you mess up, we’ll figure it out together,” he said. 

4. Aggressive commission structures 

While money cannot buy happiness it certainly can alleviate the daily stress of expenses. As recruiters and business developers, we know that aggressive commission structures are a huge incentive and can be the difference in scraping by and being able to afford the life you want. Stu Leifer, Partner at Green Key leading the Accounting & Finance division, elaborated, “The uncapped commission platform we have is unparalleled.” 

With the commission structures that Green Key provides you will truly get out, what you put into your career. Brooke emphasized, “Our commission structures are more aggressive than industry standard, are non-tiered and don’t have egregious thresholds, so you get much more out of a production environment.” With such a competitive commission structure, stress levels are lower and therefore create a healthier and mentally sound environment in the workplace. 

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